Qualified wife can not sit idle and demand maintenance- SC

Apparently, a woman had approached court in case of domestic dispute seeking intervention in terms of her husband and in-laws torturing her on regular basis and compelling her to live her separately since 2011.

As the woman gave records of her husband’s income sources and possession of properties in India as well as abroad, authority got to know are well settled in terms of wealth.

Considering her husband’s status wife claimed maintenance of Rs 2 Lakh. This was found from the copy of her complaint.

After this complaint, husband countered it saying the marriage was not lawfully valid as it was dissolved in September of last year by way of talaq. He also added that she was a dietician and earned almost INR 50000 per month and also she had considerable worth of gold and diamond in her separate locker in bank.

A well qualified wife who is capable of earning must not remain idle and not claim for maintenance, said a family court while rejecting a woman’s plea for maintenance from her estranged husband. The court further added that a qualified and capable wife cannot take advantage of the laws even when she is wrong. the court rejected the plea by saying: “In this case, the woman is capable enough to take care of herself. Thus, as per a judgement Courtadhya Pradesh high court, the woman, who is well qualified, cannot seek maintenance and cannot harass her husband.”

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