Property Registration

Property registration procedure
Step 1: Estimate the value of your property according to the  rates in your respective area.

Step 2: Now you have to compare the rate with the actual price paid. For the payment of stamp duty, the higher of the above two values would be applicable.

Step 3: Now you buy  stamp papers (non judicial) of the value arrived after the calculation.

Step 4: The stamp papers are easy to be purchased . You can buy these papers from licensed stamp vendors, whereas e-stamps can be purchased online . Stamp duty can be paid through the Collector of Stamps or a proof needs to be submitted, if  already paid.

Step 5: Now, get the deed typed on stamp papers. According to the nature of transaction, matter would differ ;  sale, lease, mortgage, power of attorney, etc.

Step 6: Now, the transacting parties approach the Sub-Registrar’s Office for the deed registration accompanied with two witnesses. Each person involved in the process should carry their respective identification documents. An original copy of the deed, along with two-three photocopies of the same, should also be carried.

Step 7: After the sale deed gets registered after getting receipt about two-seven days after  one can again approach the Sub-Registrar’s Office to collect the sale deed.

Step 8: Once you have got the original sale deed registered, you can also get the same verified by using the registry details and date from the Registrar’s Office.

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