The First

I believe first post is an important task for any blog to start with and that is why a brief about the topic for which the whole blog is created is must.

Trust me, I thought a lot about what should I write in my first post then something hit my mind and it said if this is a legal blog then it should be started with basic legal facts.

LAW is that fundamental element without which almost decisions around the nation and world is impossible to take. It is a system of rules which is to govern social or moral or so and so behavior. It is a mode  of conduct formally applied or prescribed by the statutory authority.

Generally with people, it happens that they don’t really understand the concept of judiciary. Well, in simple language judiciary means the courts and judges in those courts are to determine verdict.

Criminal law, contract law, Torts, property law, constitutional law and other disciplines are there for the regulation.

I guess, that is enough for a BRIEF:)

One thing I can assure is this blog will help the best at its possibility to provide law facts and news.

LAW I personally feel is very addictive constituent because someone once told me if u are finding it difficult to leave something then its ADDICTION.


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