Multiple taxes, one nation?

  On 1st July, the Goods and services tax came into effect which was one of the most greatest reforms so far bringing the system of  ‘One nation, one tax’. Where GST is focusing on the ‘one nation’ one nation’ regime, There are states imposing additional taxes to meet with shortfalls of GST. GST has subsumed various taxes like central excise,VAT, service tax, sales tax, etc. however, in some states powers of imposing entertainment tax is given over and above

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Benami Property

What is Benami Property? Benami property means the property which is anonymous or without a name. In a transaction where the person who pays for the property does not buy it under his/her own name, is called Benami transaction. The person on whose name the property is purchased is called the Benamdar. The respective property purchased is called Benami Property. In this case, the person who is financing the transaction is actual or real owner. Constitution- What does not come under

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